livingExclusive Inspiration: Bathtub Sanctuaries

o. 81 – July, 2013

Bathtub Sanctuaries

Let’s face it, we all need and deserve a little escape from the daily grind, somewhere we can unwind and reconnect with ourselves. But short of expensive and time consuming holidays or trips the spa, for many of us such an escape is hard to come by… or is it? If your longing for that much needed me time, look no further that your very own bathroom.

The main feel of any bathroom lies in the small touches. Even if your bathroom is lacking in Zen architecturally, you can still create a completely relaxing space. Get away from the chaos and indulge in a bathroom full of special details; a vase of fresh flowers, some fragrant candles, bath salts and a pot of hot tea… you'll find yourself transported in no time.

Scroll the gallery for some stunning bathtub sanctuary inspiration, or shop the story to add a little relaxation to your life.

written by Camilla Wagstaff

    bathroom-1-pool-side-infinity-pool-garret-cord-werner © Garret Cord Werner Design

    Time to relax! This stunning sunken tub has been aligned with an exterior pool. A large window creates the illusion of a single body of water…

    bathroom-2-deep-blue-spa-bath-pepe-calderin © Pepe Calderin Interiors

    Imagine sinking into this gorgeous infinity tub after a long day… the deep blue tiling and flickering candles add to the complete sense of calm.

    bathroom-3-muted-lighting-spa-bubbles-organic feel-lea-frank-design © Lea Frank Design

    In order to make your tub a true sanctuary, avoid harsh overhead lighting. Opt instead for muted accent lights or a group of candles.

    bathroom-4-floor-level-bath-with-beautiful-country-view-coates-architects © Coates Architects

    There is something wonderful about not having to step over the side of a bath to get in and out. The sunken tub in this bathroom leaves the beautiful view beyond unobstructed, while a cosy bath-mat awaits relaxed feet.

    bathroom-5-simple-relaxed-design-floor-to-ceiling-windows-kanner-architects © Kanner Architects

    This simple, clean and cohesive bathroom creates a tranquil atmosphere. The floor-to-ceiling window introduces huge amounts of natural light, and we don’t mind the view either!

    bathroom-8-private-garden-area-stand-alone-tub-gina-willman © John Lum Architecture

    A bathroom that imitates nature's grace is a wonderful idea for a soothing session. This stand-alone tub comes complete with a private garden.

    bathroom-7-out-door-bath-nature-filled-exterior-space-john-lum-architecture © Willman Interiors

    For the ultimate relaxing experience, why not try bathing under the stars with an outdoor tub?

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