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o. 32 – July, 2012

Delightful Dining

Your dining space - be it a formal room or a simple kitchen breakfast table – is a central area in the home with many important uses. Here we share a meal with our families, we help the kids with their school projects or we play host-with-the-most for our friends.

When it comes to decorating, the dining area is one place in the where you are completely free to express your personality, so don’t be afraid to get creative with textures, colours, prints and features.

Scroll the gallery for some fabulous dining room décor, or shop the story and prepare for your next dine-in!

written by Camilla Wagstaff

    dining-room-1-interior-design-decorating-alvhemmakleri-kitchen © Alvhem Makleri

    The dining space is a central part of any home. Transform your dining room with these inspirational tips and tricks.

    dining-room-2-interior-design-decorating-inspired-wire-table © Inspired Wire Studio

    The dining room begins with (you got it) a dining room table. Invest in a classic piece that suits the size and shape of the room, but also reflects your personal style.

    dining-room-3-interior-design-decorating-alvhemmakleri-matched-chair-and-table © Alvhem Makleri

    Matching your chairs to your table will give a more formal, traditional feel. Add seat cushions for comfort.

    dining-room-4-interior-design-decorating-lighting-dark-wall © CWB Architects

    Have fun with your central lighting; be it an antique crystal chandelier or these great modern low-hanging bulbs.

    dining-room-5-interior-design-decorating-anthony-baratta-feature-wall © Anothy Baratta, LLC

    A floor to ceiling feature wall adds real personality and flair to this dining space.

    dining-room-6-interior-design-decorating-DKOR-celing © DKOR Interiors

    Don’t forget about your fifth wall; the ceiling! Create interest overhead with a printed wallpaper or a bold colour.

    dining-room-7-interior-design-decorating-glass table © STUDIO TEN 25 via Melanie Johnson Photography

    A round glass table works to open up a smaller space, and encourages lively group discussions! Take advantage of your table’s transparency by adding a funky print to the seats of your chairs.

    dining-room-8-interior-design-decorating-alvhemmakleri-small-apartment © Alvhem Makleri

    Smaller homes such as apartments may not afford a whole dining room, however a smaller breakfast nook can be created with ease for those morning coffee and newspaper breaks.

    dining-room-9-interior-design-decorating-alvhemmakleri-lounge-chair © Alvhem Makleri

    Benches are a lovely alternative to chairs; they can help define a dining space in smaller, open-plan areas, creating a sense of comfort and charm.

    dining-room-10-interior-design-decorating-printed-chairs © Richard Bubnowski Design, LLC, via Sam Oberter Photography

    Printed dining chairs add an eclectic vintage feel to this classic neutral tone communal space.

    dining-room-11-interior-design-decorating-axic-host-chair © Axis Mundi Interiors

    Need extra seating? A host or hostess chair at the head of the table adds another dimension to the look and feel of the space.

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