livingExclusive Inspiration: Down to Business

o. 34 – July, 2012

Down to Business

While we all need an organisational space in the home to store the daily admin, pay the bills or sign the school permission forms, many of us simply don’t have the space to dedicate to an entire home office.

The kitchen or dining room table may seem like a viable substitute, but often piles of important documents in these communal areas can lead to confusion, misplacement or unavoidable spillages.

Today livingExclusive looks at some super-small workspaces that make use of existing space in the home. These innovative, DIY ideas will make de-clutter and organisation at your house a breeze! Shop the story and get organised today.

written by Camilla Wagstaff

    workspaces-1-hallway-table-stylish-chair-alvhemmakleri © Alvhem Makleri

    We all need a workspace at home, no matter how small. Utilise a hallway table by adding a funky desk light and stylish chair that can rest against the wall when not in use.

    workspaces-2-spare-cupboard-desk-shelves © Jennifer Jones

    Is there a spare cupboard in your home that you’ve been meaning to clear out? You could be masking your brand new home workspace! Transform an existing shelf into your desk and use others to store papers and stationery.

    workspaces-3-cupboard-workspace-table-extra-space-ed-ritger-photography © Ed Ritger Photography

    Create a welcoming space with art work, funky stationery and accessories, but if the to-do pile is getting out of control you can simply shut the door.

    workspaces-4-curtain-home office-frisson © Frission Design

    Curtained off spaces can also create handy home workspaces. Try a quirky colour or print for your curtain that complements the style of the room, so when drawn it becomes an interesting textural feature.

    workspaces-5-wardrobe-space-in-bedroom-niche-interiors © Niche Interiors

    To aid in the de-clutter of documents, you may want to consider moving toward a paperless office. This could simply mean switching to an online calendar, or opting to receive your bills by email.

    workspaces-6-vertical-storage-bookcase-chez-larsson © Chez Larson

    Organisation is key here, and it's especially important to think strategically about storage. When in doubt, go vertical; don’t forget that you can utilise space all the way to the ceiling.

    workspaces-7-under-stairs-home-office-maria-killam © Maria Kalim

    This great workspace makes clever use of the dead space under the stairs, and is made homely through a few simple frames and desk accessories.

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