livingExclusive Inspiration: Fabulous ‘50s

o. 19 – April, 2012

Fabulous ‘50s

Sitting on 12 acres of land just outside California's Silicon Valley, The William Wurster Ranch House exquisitely blends ‘50s modernism with chic contemporary design.

Designed and built in the 1950s by architect William Wurster, the Ranch now serves as a summer home for a San Francisco family. Interior designer Charles De Lisle and architect Ian Moeller were entrusted with the renovation of the original space, working together to create the ultimate balance of retro and modern.

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written by Camilla Wagstaff

    Fab 50s 1 Living Room William Wurster Ranch California Green Sofa © Art Gray Photography

    The William Wurster Ranch is a prime example of California cool, seamlessly blending clean modern with vintage flair.

    Fab 50s 2 Living Room Fireplace Moller

    Moller tackled the overall framework and space, adding polished concrete floors, a copper roof and exposed cedar paneling, while keeping the original Adobe walls.

    Fab 50s 3 Living Room de Lisle green sofa © Art Gray Photography

    de Lisle orchestrated the interiors, which feature a mix of vintage and custom pieces often made by the designer himself.

    Fab 50s 4 Living Room bold colour palette grass green © Art Gray Photography

    A brisk, bold colour palette of Prussian blue, grass green and pink creates a marked contrast with more earthy tones of terracotta, gold and sand. The combination is decidedly fresh but understated.

    Fab 50s 5 Fireplace Detail Eames style chair © Art Gray Photography

    The fireplace is built into the home's 12-inch thick adobe walls and creates a snug sitting area in the living room, finished off with Eames style furnishings and minimalist accessories.

    Fab 50s 6 Kitchen Table Douglas Fir Teardrop Pendant Light

    The kitchen table, designed by de Lisle from four-inch thick Douglas fir, is accented by bright white geometric chairs and a modern teardrop-shaped pendant light.

    Fab 50s 7 Kitchen Chrome Marble Finishing Open Plan Cupboards © Art Gray Photography

    Dashes of unexpected colour and texture are juxtaposed against the chrome and marble finishings in the open plan kitchen, while built in cupboards create subtle storage spaces.

    Fab 50s 8 Dining Room Dinette Vert decor pieces © Art Gray Photography

    Organic, minimal décor pieces are used to complement the sleek feature furniture throughout the home.

    Fab 50s 9 Dining Room geometric light fixture © Art Gray Photography

    A geometric light fixture made by de Lisle from raw brass hexagonal tubing is suspended above the formal dining space by a hand-woven rope.

    Fab 50s 10 Chest photographic side table cedar panelled feature wall © Art Gray Photography

    Another of de Lilses unique creations – a bold photographic side table – is set against a cedar paneled feature wall.

    Fab 50s 11 Pink Daybed Settee Feature Cusions wood stump tables © Art Gray Photography

    This soft, pastel pink daybed with printed feature cushions is unexpectedly paired with wood stump tables cut from trees on the property, bringing a little of the outdoors in.

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