livingExclusive Inspiration: Let There Be Light!

o. 29 – June, 2012

Let There Be Light!

Lighting is one of the most crucial design elements of the home; without proper thought and effort, even the most stylish interior will never be truly complete.

When thinking about lighting any room in your home, you must be sure that the fixtures, lamps or statement pieces that you choose provide sufficient illumination for the tasks and activities you wish to accomplish there.

There are three key types of home lighting to be aware of. Ambient lighting is the general lighting that comes from simple ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures, accent lighting draws attention to a specific feature of a room while task lighting increases the usability of a specific task area like a desk or a kitchen counter.

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written by Camilla Wagstaff

    light-1-globe-lighting-used-over-dining-table-incorporated © Incorporated Interiors

    Lighting plays both a functional and decorative role in the home, whether you are using it to make a statement, to set a mood or simply to provide sufficient illumination for daily tasks.

    light-2-linen-lampshade-over-dining-table-bernard-ande-woodlane-joe-comartin-lindsy-martin-interiors © Linsday Martin Interiors via Bernard André Photography

    If you're going for a contemporary feel, a sleek, streamlined chandelier shade can add height and drama to a space without overpowering the other décor. We love the circular motif in this stylish dining area.

    light-3-globe-lamps-in-bathroom-inspired-wire © Inspired Wire Studios

    For a hint of playfulness, outfit a room with a series of feature glass or globe lights. Hanging jar fixtures give this simple bathroom eclectic personality.

    light-4-bold-prints-and-accent-lamps-erika-bierman © Erica Bierman Photography

    Look for unique fixtures, shades and bases to draw attention to particular design elements of a room - be it a colour, a furnishing or a print.

    light-5-chandelier-over-office-space-betsy-burnham © Besty Burnham

    Hang ceiling lights at different heights to add another dimension to your space.

    light-6-gold-chandelier-over-modern-dining-set-mikel-irastorza © Mikel Irastorza Interiors

    Consider lighting fixtures that appear more like a work of art than functional lighting for an added sculptural effect.

    light-7-golden-accent-lights-in-formal-dining-kerrie-l-kelly © Kerrie L. Kelly Interiors

    Repetition is very often used to create a unified space. In this formal dining room, a stunning golden chandelier echoes the round dinging table and funky feature lamp.

    light-8-arc-lamp-for-accent-lighting-in-living-room-huisstyling © Huisstyling

    Floor lamps are great for illuminating corners and reading areas. An arc lamp provides the perfect accent in this chic living area.

    light-9-bold-red-lamp-shade-on-elclectic-table-lisa-borgnes-giramonti © Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

    If you need to add colour or texture to a room, an interesting lampshade can add just the boost you are looking for. They can then be easily swapped when you wish to change up the look and feel of a space.

    light-10-bold-red-asian-perspex-chandelier-peggy-braswell © Peggy Braswell Interiors

    Another important factor to consider when choosing a light is how much light you need to cast. Does the light need to illuminate an entire room, or will it be accompanied by other lamps, natural light or candles?

    light-11-out-door-patrio-party-chandelier-david-kuda © David Kuda Photography

    Finally, it’s important to have fun with your lighting, and ensure your ambients, accents and tasks reflect your personal taste and daily life.

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