livingExclusive Inspiration: Letterpress Love

o. 26 – May, 2012

Letterpress Love

In the heart of Sydney’s vibrant Darlinghurst sits The Distillery, a studio offering creative-minds a unique design and print service. Here, Co-Founders Nathan Leong and Jessica Foy - along with their team of savvy young designers - are embracing the ingenuity of a method largely forgotten in our digital age: the letterpress.

“We are all about sharing the love here” says Jess when I pop in to say hello. “We really want to get people as excited about letterpress as we are.”

Nathan introduces me to the team, in part made up of 4 weighty metal letterpress machines: Wolfgang, Heidi, Klaus, and Bertha (who is at present being restored back to her former glory). With a little help from these mechanical characters, The Distillery is able to create a world of custom and pre-designed prints; from gorgeously tactile wedding invitations and business cards, to stunningly intricate stationery and packaging.

Celebrate the art of the written word in your home!

written by Camilla Wagstaff


    The Distillery in Darlinghurst offers a unique design and print service for the old fashioned at heart.


    The team is leading a letterpress revival, spreading the love for this dynamic yet largely forgotten art form.


    “Letterpress printing has been undergoing a resurgence of late” says Jess. She attributes this to a backlash on technology and the rediscovery of organic forms by creative industries.


    For Nathan, the print industry’s success in the digital age will require a new way of thinking from designers who have grown up getting much of their information from the “magic box” that is a computer.


    “We are being careful not to be solely printers,” he says. “You can’t just print these days, you have to pair it with something else – and that something is good design.”


    The Distillery’s finished products are as beautiful as they are functional, with premium paper and hand mixed paints creating textural, tactile works of art.


    “Design is a huge factor here, but so is the print quality” says Jess. “We try to do things a little different so that the printed article becomes something you don’t want to throw away.”


    Nathan sums it up simply. The written word is responsible for distributing knowledge, and while the digital written medium is indeed a powerful one, there’s so much more out there. “We’re taking the time to open that up to people.”


    The Distillery studio is open to the public on weekdays and by appointment on weekends, so if you find yourself in Sydney, be sure to drop in and say hi!

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