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o. 23 – May, 2012

Out of Africa

African inspired décor as we know it today embodies a myriad of influences from the continents rich and diverse history. Elements of a traditional Africa – the flora, the fauna and the tribal life - are combined with a romantic, ‘old-world’ feel from colonial settlement (think Robert Redford and Meryl Streep in ‘Out of Africa’).

These two contrasting elements blend together beautifully in the work of Johannesburg based interior designer Yvonne O’Brien. Her work at the Londolzi Game Reserve Park is an inspiring example of this ethereally elegant décor, blending classic European design with that inspired by a traditional land and a vibrant culture.

Scroll the gallery for a tour through Yvonne’s Londolzi Lodges, or shop the story and add a little ‘Out of Africa’ elegance to your home.

written by Camilla Wagstaff

    african-interior 1 londolzi-Pioneer-Camp-living-room © Yvonne O’Brien: The Private House Co

    Yvonne’s O’Brien’s Londolzi Reserve Lodges are a wonderful example of ‘Out of Africa’ elegance.

    african-interior 2 londolzi-Granite-Camp-living-room

    World renowned as one of Africa’s finest game lodges, Londolozi was the first game reserve in the world to be accorded the lauded ‘Relais & Chateaux’ status.

    african-interior 3 londolzi-Granite-Camp-living-room © Yvonne O’Brien: The Private House Co

    The root of the word Londolozi is the Zulu word which means ‘protector of all living things’ – an ambitious ethic that is embraced in an environmentally aware design ethos.

    african-interior 4 londolzi-Tree-Camp-living-room © Yvonne O’Brien: The Private House Co

    An exposed timber ceiling and dominant glass walls link the interiors to the natural world beyond, reminding us of its beauty and our responsibility to protect it.

    african-interior 5 londolzi-tree-camp-living-view © Yvonne O’Brien: The Private House Co

    This elegant, neutral tone sitting room is finished out with woven furniture and tribal inspired accessories.

    african-interior 6 londolzi-Pioneer-Camp-white

    The exposed stone walls create a wonderful canvas for this living area.

    african-interior 7 londolzi-Pioneer-Camp-white © Yvonne O’Brien: The Private House Co

    Classic European furniture is complemented by accessories which reflect the rich culture of a traditional Africa.

    african-interior 8 londolzi-Pioneer-Camp-bedroom © Yvonne O’Brien: The Private House Co

    In the bedroom, sheer white sheeting is draped dramatically over a four poster king.

    african-interior 9 londolzi-Pioneer-Camp-sitting © Yvonne O’Brien: The Private House Co

    The use of stripes in this space perfectly illustrate the coming together of two diverse styles.

    african-interior 10 londolzi-Tree-Camp-living-room-zebra

    African inspired décor can be added to a room boldly with a few signature pieces.

    african-interior 11 londolzi-Tree-Camp-living-room-zebra © Yvonne O’Brien: The Private House Co

    Try out the style in your home by starting off with a little animal print or a tribal inspired accessory.

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