livingExclusive Inspiration: The Pothole Gardener

o. 18 – April, 2012

The Pothole Gardener

What is a gardener with no garden to do? Australian born Londoner and green thumb Steeve Wheen has the answer with his ‘The Pothole Gardener’ project!

The project - which Wheen describes as part creative pursuit, part passion and part urban experiment – was inspired by a guerrilla gardening efforts, as well as a wish to bring a little greenery to the city streets ‘one pothole at a time’.

Wheen fills East London’s pesky potholes in roads and footpaths with soil and living plants, decorating them with miniature props to create gorgeously tiny worlds. Scroll the gallery to view our favourites!

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written by Camilla Wagstaff

    Pothole Gardener Project 0 wheen-road © The Pothole Gardener Project

    ‘The Pothole Gardener' project turns East London's pesky potholes into tiny living worlds…

    Pothole Gardener Project 1 wheen-blossoms-chair © The Pothole Gardener Project

    Wheen plays with different plants, flowers and twigs and grasses to create realistic mini gardens.

    Pothole Gardener Project 2 wheen-golf-daisys © The Pothole Gardener Project

    Small props – such as this golfing paraphernalia – finish off his whimsical creations.

    Pothole Gardener Project 3 wheen-london-eye © The Pothole Gardener Project

    A group of small daffodils proudly ride this mini London Eye.

    Pothole Gardener Project 4 wheen-sunchair © The Pothole Gardener Project

    A small sun chair provides the perfect resting place on a warm spring afternoon.

    PotholeGardener Project 5 wheen-clothes-line © The Pothole Gardener Project

    Wheen has described himself as ‘a gardener with no garden’ – his pothole creations reflect his natural green thumb.

    PotholeGardener Project 6 wheen-water-river © The Pothole Gardener Project

    No pothole is too difficult to fill! This waterside creation comes complete with shells and starfish.

    Pothole Gardener Project 7 wheen-snow-tulips-sled © The Pothole Gardener Project

    These beautiful red tulips stand out in a blanket of London snow.

    Pothole Gardener Project 8 wheen-xmas-garden © The Pothole Gardener Project

    Wheen gets into the Christmas spirit with a mini tree laden with tiny presents!

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