livingExclusive Inspiration: Scandinavian Style

o. 28 – June, 2012

Scandinavian Style

If you long for crisp, uncluttered, affordable elegance in your home, then look no further that Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian interior design is a hybrid of style and simplicity; prioritizing functionality without eliminating the grace and beauty of timeless decor. Interiors are crisp, minimalist spaces punctuated by bursts of vivid colour and sleek, organic forms. The elements contrast beautifully for strong, visual effect.

Scroll the gallery for an un-missable lesson in Scandinavian style from Swedish concept team Alvhem Estate and Interiors, or shop the story and introduce a bit of Nordic flair into your home.

written by Camilla Wagstaff

    scandinavian-style-1-living-area-with-fireplace © Alvhem Estate and Interiors

    Blending functional and aesthetic, Scandinavian interior design offers crisp, timeless elegance to any space.


    Employing white as the dominant d├ęcor colour in this home creates a pared-down aesthetic that makes it feel both clean and elegant.

    scandinavian-style-3-living-area-with-ladder-bookcase © Alvhem Estate and Interiors

    A select few accent pieces help to complete the room, from a funky industrial ceiling light to a Barcelona chair and fuzzy throw rug.

    scandinavian-style-4-white-kitchen-with-colourful-throw rug

    The use of white also creates a blank canvas on which colours contrast in visually stunning ways.

    scandinavian style-5-kitchen-table-with-flowers © Alvhem Estate and Interiors

    In the kitchen, a long printed rug adds a burst of vibrancy and warmth.


    Scandinavian minimalism continues into the bedroom, but is again punctuated by warm oranges, reds and pinks.

    scandinavian-style-7-bedroom-with-printed-bedspread © Alvhem Estate and Interiors

    A black printed bedspread anchors the room and provides an accent, while the modernist chair brings an element of organic form.


    The master bed employs are more classic, neutral colour palette; a crisp white bed framed by functionalist lamps becomes the focal point for the room.

    scandinavian-style-9-bedroom-with-grey-accents © Alvhem Estate and Interiors

    Decoration is again kept to a minimum, with a few key pieces adding contrast and texture - the rough wooden floorboards, the smooth painted fireplace, a paper-thin ceiling light and a soft knitted rug.

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