livingExclusive Inspiration: Wardrobe 101

o. 2 – February, 2012

Wardrobe 101 © Mark Byrston Photography and Alvhem Makleri



The wardrobe madness ends now with these 5 easy steps:

DETOX// Step one: the detox. Dump every last piece from your wardrobe onto the bedroom floor and sort. Haven’t worn it in over a year? Get rid of it. That huge black stain will come out eventually? No, it won’t. It will fit better someday? Gone! Remember it is so much more satisfying to open your wardrobe doors and find 10 pieces you love than 100 pieces you look on with disdain.

Now it’s time to get organised.

CLOTHES// First off, you need to be realistic about amount of clothes versus available space. If yours is not the roomiest of wardrobes, plastic cartons or Space Bags are great for storing season to season.

It’s important to organise your clothes into a system that suits your lifestyle. You can code by occasion (Office, Casual…), by Pieces (T-shirts, Skirts…) or by Colour (neutral, black…). It’s simply about getting them into distinctive, manageable groups.

Now start putting your clothes back into your wardrobe. You should hang coats, blazers, jackets, dresses, skirts and dress pants and any items that are silk or delicate. Fold your cottons, woolies and denim, and use any draw space for undies and fiddly outliers (swimmers, gym gear, pyjamas and the like).

SHOES// The best way to store your shoes is to invest in some clear shoe-boxes. They’ll protect your shoes and you’ll be able to see clearly and easily what you own. If you’re short on room, store your shoes in pairs at the bottom of your hanging space in pairs.

BAGS// If you have a lot of hanging space, bags can happily be stored up on hanging hooks. Otherwise, stack them side by side in a shelf to help maintain shape.

JEWELLERY// Jewellery and accessories should always be divided into categories (necklaces, rings, bracelets etc). A great way to store them is in clear sewing boxes; it keeps them tangle-free and lets you see everything you own. For a decorative touch, hang necklaces and bracelets on a jewellery tree.

written by Camilla Wagstaff

Cover Image: © Mark Byrston Photography and Alvhem Makleri

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