livingExclusive Inspiration: Warehouse Wow Factor

o. 30 – June, 2012

Warehouse Wow Factor!

Today livingExclusive heads to San Francisco’s South Beach neighbourhood to check out this stunning warehouse conversion by Edmonds + Lee Architects.

The project converts an old industrial space into a beautiful contemporary loft apartment.

Open plan living, exposed timber ceilings, striking feature accessories and floor to ceiling windows are combined to create a space that is both functional and spectacular.

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written by Camilla Wagstaff

    warehouse-1-apartment-loft-conversion-in-san-francisco-exterior © Edmonds + Lee Architects

    Edmonds + Lee Architects transformed an old industrial warehouse into a fabulously modern loft apartment.


    The loft formerly served as a distribution point for imported tea, rice, and silk.

    warehouse-3-apartment-loft-conversion-timber-and-concrete-accents © Edmonds + Lee Architects

    The existing concrete shell and heavy-timber panelling are left exposed, contrasting seamlessly with the sleek new interior finishes.


    The previously long, dark space was transformed using an open plan and floor to ceiling windows, to pull light from the entrance in.

    warehouse-5-apartment-loft-conversion-metal-staircase © Edmonds + Lee Architects

    A modern, floating steel staircase connects the living areas on the ground floor with the sleeping areas on the mezzanine.


    The mezzanine level creates an easy, open flow between the communal and private areas of the loft.

    warehouse-7-apartment-loft-conversion-bookcase-on-mezzanine © Edmonds + Lee Architects

    Frameless transparent glass guardrails provide a direct visual connection to the living room below.


    The bedroom embodies a pared down, minimal aesthetic. An area has been created behind the bedhead to provide wardrobe storage.

    warehouse-9-apartment-loft-conversion-sleeping-area © Edmonds + Lee Architects

    The rough wooden pillars and muted timber floors give the space a calm, organic feel.


    A waterfall shower off the bedroom provides a little paradise escape.

    warehouse-11-apartment-loft-conversion-feature-lighting © Edmonds + Lee Architects

    A metallic light fitting secured to the exposed beams becomes a stunning focal point for the entire space.

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