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o. 27 – May, 2012

Work Zones at Home

If you plan to conduct any sort of work from home – be it paying the bills or running a business – carving out a defined office space is crucial for both enjoyment and efficiency. It’s all about connecting professionalism with cosines; to create a style that ensures a positive, productive work atmosphere.

Since productivity necessarily requires efficiency and organization, home offices should be comfortable, well-lit and have plenty of storage on hand. Use the volume of work you handle to help calculate how complex a space you need. You could require anything from a small nook to an entire room.

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written by Camilla Wagstaff

    home-office-1-organise-decorate-storage-desk-alvhemmakleri © Alvhem Makleri

    Conducting any sort of work at home requires an office space free from homely distractions to increase both your enjoyment and efficiency.

    home-office-2-organise-decorate-storage-desk-alvhemmakleri © Alvhem Makleri

    Taking the time to figure out your personal office needs will allow you to use the designated space appropriately. Will you work here every day or just when the bills need paying? Do you strive for a ‘paperless’ office or will you require extra storage for files?

    home-office-3-organise-decorate-storage-desk-heart-home-magazine © Heart Home Magazine

    Home offices that are used sparingly can double as side tables for displaying art and decoration.

    home-office-4-organise-decorate-storage-desk-heart-home-magazine © Heart Home Magazine

    Rooms that spend a great deal of time empty, such as dining rooms, make natural offices. Claim the table as work central. When guests are due, tuck paperwork and files in a closet or behind cabinet doors.

    home-office-5-organise-decorate-storage-desk-domicile © Domicile Interiors

    An ergonomic, comfortable chair is a must if you plan on spending large amounts of time in the space. Ensure the chair is the appropriate height for the desk: as a rule of thumb your hips, knees and elbows should all be at right angles.

    home-office-6-organise-decorate-storage-desk-cwb © CWB architects

    A clever use of extra space at the top of the stairs. A built-in desk and bookcase keep the office space sleek, neat and tidy. The photo frames could be replaced with boxes or baskets to hide extra papers or stationery.

    home-office-7-organise-decorate-storage-desk-john-lum-sharon-risedorph-photography © John Lum Interiors via Sharon Risedorph Photography

    This modernist office space faces a window, offering a pleasant view when resting tired computer eyes.

    home-office-8-organise-decorate-storage-desk-heart-home © Emily Clark Interiors

    A floor to ceiling bookcase makes an impressive feature in this home office. The bottom levels could easily be replaced with filing cabinets hidden from view.

    home-office-9-organise-decorate-storage-desk-erikabiermanphotography-kellyedwardsdesign © Kelly Edwards Design via Erika Bierman Photography

    Is there more than one person working or studying in your home? Multiple work spaces can be set up in the same designated area, creating an environment of productivity.

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